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Consider us, a trusted partner in crafting precision architectural millwork solutions designed specifically for healthcare and dental environments. Explore our specialized services tailored to enhance the functionality, hygiene, and aesthetic appeal of these critical spaces

AltimaGarrison’s Services for Healthcare & Dental Spaces

1. Customized Medical Cabinetry

AltimaGarrison understands the unique storage and organization needs of healthcare and dental facilities. Our custom medical cabinetry solutions are designed to optimize functionality while maintaining a clean and sterile environment. From dental offices to medical exam rooms, our millwork adds a touch of efficiency to every space.

2. Dental Operatory Millwork

Create a seamless and ergonomic workspace for dental professionals with our specialized dental operatory millwork. AltimaGarrison designs and manufactures custom cabinetry and workstations, ensuring that every detail contributes to a hygienic and efficient dental practice.

3. Reception and Waiting Area Solutions

Make a positive first impression with meticulously crafted reception and waiting areas. AltimaGarrison’s millwork services extend to creating inviting and functional spaces that prioritize patient comfort and efficiency. Our designs take into account the unique needs of healthcare and dental settings, offering a balance of professionalism and warmth.

4. Laboratory and Sterilization Areas

Optimize laboratory and sterilization spaces with our custom millwork solutions. AltimaGarrison specializes in designing and manufacturing cabinetry and work surfaces that meet the stringent hygiene requirements of healthcare environments. Our focus is on creating efficient and compliant spaces for medical professionals.

5. Patient Room Millwork

Enhance patient care environments with AltimaGarrison’s patient room millwork solutions. Our designs prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, creating a comfortable and organized space for patients and healthcare providers. Custom bedside cabinets, built-in storage, and nurse stations are tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

Why Choose AltimaGarrison?

  • Healthcare Specialization: AltimaGarrison specializes in architectural millwork for healthcare and dental environments, ensuring a deep understanding of the unique requirements and regulations in these settings.
  • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with healthcare professionals, administrators, and designers to create millwork solutions that align seamlessly with the vision and specific needs of each facility.
  • Commitment to Hygiene: AltimaGarrison is dedicated to using materials and designs that prioritize hygiene and cleanliness, meeting and exceeding the rigorous standards of healthcare environments.

Transform your healthcare or dental facility into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space with AltimaGarrison’s specialized architectural millwork services. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the precision and attention to detail that defines AltimaGarrison.

Erik Low, DMD, MS, Inc. – Sunnyvale Perio

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